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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

'Go Green', Green = Money / Earth??

"The earth is what we all have in common."

A Question - Why “Go Green”?
Why Go Green

Go Green’ sounds so healthy and reassuring that the world will not end… but… as usual even that green has caught dirt all over it.

When we say let’s go green does it answer few questions?
·         Does it benefit mother earth or only us?
·         Does it mean we are not constructing more buildings but utilizing the ones already existing?
·         Does it mean we use minimum resources in a way to get maximum output?
·         Does it mean that we are willing to sacrifice our 1000 percent comfort for our/ our children’s better future?

Nope.. It doesn’t mean anything… by simply putting up ‘green’ it turns into a marketing strategy, when in reality, they aren’t doing any great efforts to conserve nature… It doesn’t mean they aren’t helping… yes they are… but nothing greeny… only conserving green (Moolah, Money, Rupaiya)…

I’d say they are better than other companies who harm the nature.. but still doesn’t deserve ‘green’….

Do We need Super Hero's to do stuff for us?

My colleague once quoted George Carlin's Dialogue - "Mother earth doesn’t need to be taken care of… it’ll wipe us all out and take care of itself… well maybe.. but do we wait for it to happen?"

If we believe in the concept that death is anyways gonna come to us, then why live… why eat food, play or exercise? We all are future oriented but no one (I mean NO ONE) wants to take initiative to save nature….

How do we save nature? A right question, but do we have an answer… I’d love it if you could give suggestions.. Few things running my mind are:

  • Give more importance to Agriculture ( we spend soo much on marketing a product, when the rule is if its good it’ll sell itself, why waste money on it if u can get goodwill by investing in farming)
  • Show to the world that farming is a nice business (people don’t run behind success, they run behind money, and if they know there’s money in agriculture then things change…)
  • Make sure farmers get more than they’ve asked for… it’ll help them stay motivated which’ll help us stay alive and healthy…(we don’t even have to ask for food to be imported)
  • Encourage Gardening… more trees/plants help us.. (in limits of course, but looking at the present state its better if we start becoming serious about it).
  • Stop Building new buildings.. stop using land to construct (wow…this seems soo impssible)
  • Do What Japanese do (bamboo houses and products readily available from nature no conversion process involved hence no pollution).
  • Water in river and sea are built in such a way that they have the ability to clean themselves but nature can do only soo much.. if we add impurities more than the river, sea etc can take how’ll they clean themselves?
  • Switch to Cycling (reduced traffic, body fat & increases stamina)

It’s very easy to say.. but difficult to implement.. I understand that bit… but if we have to make a change then we have to be that change… But at least better than telling around that we are going green but letting the Farmers hang themselves or try and steal the land from them…


Nature (Earth) has been here from a loooong time even before us. It will be there even after us. So what is it that is actually bothering us? Earth can handle itself, There are a lot worse things happening to the earth (Tsunami, Earthquake , Volcano etc). When the earth feels that we are threats then it’ll have its own mechanism to get rid of the threat and live on. Moreover everything has a dead end.. all living things do die…. So how long do you feel Earth is going to last? This is another topic for another time.

To Summarize, Go Green is not converting buildings to greener or giving 5 star ratings to products, it is helping to develop a better future for the future( I don’t mean that all the greener buildings or the 5 star rated products are useless, just that the word ‘green’ doesn’t resemble what’s being done… coz it ain’t green).

So the question is… are we ready to actually ‘GO GREEN’??

What do you say… do we have what it takes? Can we crack this? Is reverse development possible??

We’ve heard about reverse innovation, reverse psychology etc… lets add another word to our dictionaries “Reverse Development”….

Thank you for your help...

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